ALPA Emergency Relief Fund

Who Can You Turn To?

Who can you turn to when confronted with devastating damages resulting from flooding, earthquakes, tornadoes, landslides, fires, and other large-scale calamities? Turn to ALPA. The ALPA Emergency Relief Fund (P4P) provides financial assistance to help pilots and their families deal with the immediate, extraordinary expenses caused by widespread catastrophic events.

Disaster Expenses Can Include

 • Medical expenses not covered by insurance
 • Temporary housing not covered by insurance
 • Debris removal from primary residence not covered by insurance
 • Repairs to primary residence not covered by insurance
 • Relocation expenses
 • Transportation or evacuation expenses
 • Replacement of medical equipment, vehicles, or other personal property not covered by insurance
 • Temporary child or elder care
 • Travel expenses including airfare, meals, and lodging
 • Counseling



The fund’s tax-exempt status is dependent on remaining within the IRS guidelines, which are specific in regards to eligibility. The guidelines limit AERF disbursement of the funds to individuals who suffer from a widespread disaster.

To ensure that you meet AERF criteria, please carefully review the fund guidelines, which explain the conditions that constitute an applicable disaster and the fund’s IRS classification.