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Newsflash from ALPA International

ALPA Files Representation Cards for JetBlue Pilots
June 3, 2011
Yesterday, ALPA asked the National Mediation Board (NMB) to schedule a vote to elect ALPA as the legal representative of JetBlue pilots. ALPA’s filing was supported by authorization cards from a strong majority of JetBlue pilots.

Next Steps in the Representation Election Process

• The NMB typically takes two to three weeks to confirm that sufficient cards have been filed by confirming employment and verifying pilot signatures.

• The election is expected to start approximately two weeks after the NMB confirms that sufficient cards have been filed.

• The NMB will begin the Internet/telephone ballot election around the first week of July and continue the voting period for a few weeks.

ALPA’s representation effort has been spearheaded by an organizing committee of approximately 260 JetBlue pilots, who have communicated one-on-one with fellow pilots. During the next few weeks, the level of contact and communication will be stepping up substantially.

“JetBlue is a great Company, and ALPA is a great organization that will give JetBlue pilots a strong voice; help us negotiate and administer a contract; build better retirement benefits for our families; and represent us when medical, safety, and other professional challenges threaten our career,” said members of the JetBlue ALPA Organizing Committee. Read more from the JAOC.

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