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October 2, 2012

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View a photo slideshow of the SFO checkpoints.

San Francisco International (SFO) today became the 24th airport to offer pilots the Known Crewmember (KCM) program. Those using the alternative screening access this morning included pilots from United, Delta, Alaska, SkyWest, and Virgin America.

SFO offers KCM checkpoints in its International Terminal (Boarding Area A) as well as in Terminals 1, 2, and 3.

KCM, a joint initiative between the Air Line Pilots Association and Airlines for America, is a new risk-based screening system that enables TSA security officers to positively verify the identity and employment status of flightcrew members. For information on the new KCM airports and to see checkpoint locations, select the “KCM” tab on the ALPA smartphone app or visit

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CMR Arrives in CVG One Last Time

Pictured left to right: Capt. Tim Mullane and
F/O Tim Edwards.

On September 28 at 4:04 p.m., Flight 3205 took off from Houston for Cincinnati. On board was 35 years of history, as well as the end of a story. This was the last Comair flight to land in Cincinnati, the same airport that saw the beginnings of Comair in 1977.

Capt. Tim Mullane, who piloted the flight, started with the company in 1978. He retired at age 60, just when the age 65 law went into effect, and then came back to the airline. As the most senior pilot on the property, he was asked to perform the last flight into Cincinnati.

At the gate, fire trucks hosed down the CRJ-700, and pilots and flight attendants were on the tarmac to greet the flight. Inside the airport doors, 250 more Comair employees and Mullane’s family, cheering as each passenger disembarked, waited for the crew to come off a Comair plane for the last time.

Read more.

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100 Percent Campaign
This year, ALPA’s leadership has set a goal of achieving 100 percent ALPA-PAC participation among all our elected officers by the beginning of our Board of Directors meeting this month. To date, more than 75 percent of our leadership has shown their support for ensuring a pilot-partisan Congress by contributing to the PAC this year.

We’d like to extend a special note of thanks to the following MECs that have already achieved 100 percent leadership PAC participation on their properties:

Air Wisconsin
FedEx Express
Ryan Air

Support ALPA-PAC today.

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ALPA 2012 Voter Guide
Many states have recently adopted new laws that include changes to early and absentee voting rules and voter registration requirements for the 2012 election. This means that if you have voted early or absentee in the past, changes may be in place in your state that could affect your ability to successfully vote in November.

For our members who are flying on November 6 or may be called to fly on Election Day, absentee and early voting offers a convenient way to ensure that your vote is counted in November. ALPA has created a voter information guide, available on our website, with special emphasis on early and absentee voting rules to accommodate the often unpredictable schedule of our member pilots. We hope you find it useful, and we hope that you will vote on November 6!

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ALPA Welcomes Back NFL Referees
The Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l, welcomes back the National Football League’s referees following their successful fight to demand respect for well-trained and experienced workers and a fair contract that reflects their professionalism and dedication to the league.

“When employers prosper and profit, the workers who contributed to the success deserve their fair share,” said Capt. Lee Moak, ALPA’s president. The world’s largest pilot union created a print advertisement recognizing the NFL referees’ accomplishment. “We congratulate the referees on their courage and commitment to securing a fair contract, and the victory they have achieved for all labor.”

Like the NFL’s referees, airline pilots’ skills, professionalism, and experience have contributed greatly to our employers’ success. In many cases, airline pilots have also sacrificed tremendously to help their airlines endure tough economic times.

“For the NFL referees, airline pilots, and millions of other highly trained U.S. employees, a fair share of our employers’ success means compensation that reflects our professionalism, training, and experience, and a stable career with a secure retirement,” concluded Moak. “Skill and experience matter, whether it’s on the football field or in the cockpit.”

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Catch the Latest Aviation News! Read ALPA Daily

The aviation industry is changing faster than ever before. The new “ALPA Daily” feature at will keep you informed of the latest industry developments and analysis from around the globe. Check it out each day to stay up-to-date on the news that affects pilots and the piloting profession.

ALPA members can sign up to receive ALPA Daily in their e-mail:

Visit this link.
• Log in with your ALPA member number and password.
• Select “E-mail Distribution Lists.”
• Check the box for “ALPA Daily.”
• Submit your request.

• According to the Seattle Times, flight attendants are able to access the alternate, expedited security screening program Known Crewmember (KCM) in 18 airports across the country. Read more.

• PR Newswire reports that United Airlines announced that it exceeded its 80 percent on-time domestic performance goal for the month of September, and is rewarding eligible employees with a $50 on-time bonus to recognize this performance. Read more.

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We Want Your Photos
We want to see what you see. Share your pictures from the line, and give us some context (i.e., let us know what we’re looking at).

Air Line Pilot encourages you to submit your high-quality prints from a developer or high-resolution digital images. Your photos could be featured in a future magazine!

Send your photos to Thanks.

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Tune In to Watch Highlights from 44th ALPA BOD
Won’t be attending the BOD? Interested in what ALPA leaders will discuss? The national officer reports during ALPA’s 44th Board of Directors meeting will be streamed live directly from the meeting.

Bookmark to access the live feed at 9:00 a.m. (EST) on Monday, Oct. 15, 2012, and listen to the reports of Capt. Lee Moak, ALPA president; Capt. Sean Cassidy, first vice president; Capt. Bill Couette, vice president-administration/secretary; and Capt. Randy Helling, vice president–finance/treasurer.

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Stay Connected
Stay connected with your union, your profession, and your industry by reading Air Line Pilot magazine and watching monthly episodes of The FlightDeck.

Read about the 9/11 memorial service and the 111th regular ALPA Executive Board meeting on pages 26 and 27 of the October issue of Air Line Pilot magazine.

On the 18th installment of The FlightDeck, watch a segment on the new pilot bill of rights.

Remember that both Air Line Pilot and The FlightDeck can also be accessed from the members-only portion of the ALPA website at

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On Oct. 1, 1986, Northwest Airlines merged with Republic Airlines in what at the time was the largest airline merger in history.

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Feedback & E-mail Address Changes
Questions or comments on this FastRead? Give us your feedback at

If you have moved or changed your ISP or e-mail address, please update your ALPA records. If you don’t, you will no longer receive the ALPA FastRead and other e-mail bulletins and notices, and once your postal forwarding order expires, you’ll no longer receive the magazine and other ALPA mail. You can do it yourself by going to and logging in. Go to “My ALPA” in the menu at the top of the page, and from there, you’ll be instructed how to make the necessary changes.

If you don’t have access to the members-only section of, you can e-mail your requests by sending them to Be sure to include your member number or enough other information so that we can identify you in the membership database, and tell us what information needs to be updated.

Please note that it is not sufficient just to notify your LEC or MEC of these changes—you should register them with the ALPA Membership Department in Herndon.

Can’t remember your member number or how to log in? Need information about your ALPA insurance programs? These and other questions about ALPA services can be answered by contacting

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