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October 23, 2012

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Why November 6 Should Matter to You
As Election Day approaches, lawmakers face a slew of issues that directly affect the airline pilot profession. Topics like flight time/duty time, oil speculation, the Federal Flight Deck Officer program, health-care taxation, and other pertinent concerns are on the legislative agenda, and decisions about these issues will directly affect our members.

The October 2012 issue of Air Line Pilot magazine explores these issues, examines the rules for absentee voting, and talks about how ALPA-PAC is making a difference in advancing the pilot-partisan agenda.

Read why the decisions you make this Election Day—this November 6—are so important.

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Pinnacle 1113 Hearing Concludes, Judicial Decision Pending

Pinnacle pilots, MEC officers and representatives, and volunteers
stand united outside the United States Bankruptcy Court
 for the Southern District of New York.

Pinnacle’s Section 1113 hearing ended Friday, October 19, with both sides presenting their closing arguments. Prior to the statements, Judge Robert Gerber provided the parties with an outline of concerns he expected the parties to address.

At the start, Judge Gerber pointed to the liquidity issues Pinnacle currently faces as a critical concern in this case while questioning how responsive the various proposals that have been made are to both the short-term crisis and long-term health of Pinnacle.

Along those lines, he sought more information about Delta’s role in reducing Pinnacle’s utilization (a key factor in the current crisis), how that could occur in the future, and the impact of “commoditization” of regional flying. He also expressed concern about Pinnacle’s proposed terms initiating a “race to the bottom” in the regional industry and that the next carrier in bankruptcy would be forced to set a new, even lower floor.

Read more.

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Canada Board Leaders Elected

Pictured left to right: Capt. Georges Dawood;
Capt. Dan Adamus; and
Capt. Bradley Small.

Capt. Dan Adamus (Jazz) was reelected to serve a fourth term as Canada Board president for the Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l, during ALPA’s Board of Directors meeting, October 15-18. Capt. Bradley Small (Air Transat) was reelected vice president, and Capt. Georges Dawood (Jazz) was reelected secretary-treasurer. The new terms for the three Canada Board officers begin on January 1, 2013.

Adamus is responsible for planning, coordinating, and administering the Board’s activities and initiatives that further ALPA’s strategic goals. As Canada Board president, he also serves as ALPA executive vice president, Group C, and member of the Association’s Executive Council. As Canada Board vice president, Capt. Small also serves as IFALPA director for ALPA Canada.

As the leading advocate for Canadian professional pilots, the Canada Board’s top strategic priorities include:

• advocating ALPA’s pilot partisan agenda to the Canadian government and other institutions;
• advancing the goal of updating flight-/duty-time regulations for Canadian pilots; and
• promoting aviation safety and security.

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FAA Revises Wake Separation Standards at MEM

Based on a lengthy review and detailed safety analysis of which ALPA was an active participant, the FAA is implementing new standards for wake turbulence separation. The first implementation site begins at MEM at 6:00 a.m. CDT (1100Z), on November 1, 2012. Details are outlined in the FAA’s Safety Alert for Operators (SAFO) 12007, titled “Recategorization (RECAT) of FAA Wake Turbulence Categories at Memphis International Airport (MEM).”

The new separation criteria established through RECAT is the culmination of decades of wake turbulence research with the goal of enhancing air traffic capacity while maintaining current safety levels. MEM is the first site for permanent RECAT implementation. The FAA plans to expand RECAT to other airports in 2013-2014.

Read more.

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Va. Man Sentenced after Laser Shining
The IFALPA Daily News today reported that on Friday, Robert Bruce was fined $4,000 and sentenced to 18 months in prison after interfering with a flight crew by using a handheld laser pointer. On July 31, the Norfolk resident pleaded guilty to repeatedly harassing U.S. Navy pilots in flight near the Naval Station Ocean at Virginia Beach, as they flew near his home between December 2011 and June 2012. Bruce claimed he was upset about the noise of the aircraft.

Last June, the Naval Criminal Investigation Service arrested Bruce after he was spotted directing a laser at pilots. Once his 18-month sentence is complete, Bruce will also serve three years of supervised release.

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ALPA Pitches In to Help First Air 6560 Families
Our ALPA family came through in a big way at the Board of Directors meeting last week for the crewmembers at First Air. The FAB MEC created a “FABulous Flying” calendar featuring pictures of its operations in the North. The goal of the calendar is to raise money for the children of the crew lost in the August 2011 crash of First Air Flight 6560 in Resolute.

In a moving speech FAB MEC Chairman Devin Lyall gave to the entire Board on Tuesday, he explained that the 6560 crew left behind seven children, some as young as six weeks old. Lyall was particularly close to the three children of F/O Dave Hare, who was one of Lyall’s closest friends.

Lyall’s speech generated a huge response from the hundreds of ALPA pilot leaders at the BOD meeting. Pilots from all nine of ALPA’s Canadian pilot groups pitched in to sell raffle tickets for the First Air fund. In just two days, the FAB MEC raised more than $5,700 for the 6560 children’s fund, through raffle ticket sales and cash contributions from the Canada Board, ALPA National officers, and the FedEx and Alaska MECs.

Thanks to this outpouring of generosity, the 6560 fund is already a huge success, with more donations to come now that the calendar project is underway. The 2013 “FABulous Flying” calendar is available for $20 CDN/$18.62 USD by contacting or going to

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Airline Safety Shouldn’t Wait for Tragedy

We shouldn’t have to wait for a tragic accident to adopt new policies that we know will improve the safety of commercial aviation for all users. At ALPA, aviation safety has always been at the core of our mission—and ALPA’s leadership throughout the years has led to the adoption of everything from air traffic control centers to collision avoidance systems to reinforced cockpit doors and other antiterrorism measures.

Today, one of the most important unresolved safety issues remains the exclusion of cargo pilots from new science-based pilot fatigue rules adopted by the FAA late last year. The FAA has acknowledged that cargo pilots were excluded from the rule only because an economic analysis placed a lower dollar figure on the lives of a cargo pilot crew than the amount of money it would cost a cargo shipping company to ensure the safest possible operations. However, that analysis ignores the fact that cargo pilots share the same airports and airspace as passenger planes—and a cargo accident due to fatigue would threaten all passenger flights and communities in its flight path.

Read more.

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Advanced Biofuels Promote National/Job Security
ALPA, A4A, biofuels producers and organizations, farmers, and national security organizations have sent a letter to leadership of both parties in both chambers of Congress expressing our support for the procurement of advanced biofuels by the U.S. military.

Military leaders have identified their reliance on fossil fuels as a national security threat. ALPA and the airlines have identified the volatile and high cost of fuel as an impediment to a strong aviation industry. As with many other cutting-edge technologies such as jet engines, the purchasing power of the U.S. military paved the way for civilian use of these technologies. There are some in Congress who are putting politics ahead of national security and our job security and the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 (NDAA), which funds the Department of Defense (DOD), has been stalled.

Opponents of military procurement of advanced biofuels included language in the NDAA that would prohibit the DOD from procuring advanced biofuels. The strong support expressed in this letter by a broad range of industries and organizations sends a clear message to congressional leaders that the time for political games with our security must end. ALPA will continue to work with our coalition partners to support the military and our industry.

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AERF Previews Public Service Announcement
At last week’s ALPA Board of Directors meeting, ALPA vice president–administration/secretary Capt. Bill Couette introduced an ALPA Emergency Relief Fund public service announcement, created to promote the use of the program and to further encourage ALPA members to contribute generously to this ALPA resource. The two-minute video examines how AERF helped one member pilot and his family and why maintaining the fund is so important.

AERF provides for the immediate needs of ALPA pilots and their families who fall victim to natural disasters and other large-scale catastrophes. AERF is funded from contributions by ALPA members and staff, and is one of the many tangible benefits of belonging to the Association.

To learn more about AERF and find out how you can help, visit

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What’s Happening in Your Industry? Read “ALPA Daily”

The aviation industry is changing faster than ever before. The new “ALPA Daily” feature at will keep you informed of the latest industry developments and analysis from around the globe. Check it out each day to stay up-to-date on the news that affects pilots and the piloting profession.

ALPA members can sign up to receive ALPA Daily in their e-mail:

Visit this link.
• Log in with your ALPA member number and password.
• Select “E-mail Distribution Lists.”
• Check the box for “ALPA Daily.”
• Submit your request.

According to, a four-person panel created by Congress this year is studying a raft of ideas that involve everything from requiring more complete pricing information on travel booking websites to clearer definitions of airline terms such as “mechanical delay.” Read more.

Newsday reports the Transportation Security Administration is removing full body scanners from New York's airports and moving them to less busy airports. Read more.

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Take Your Pic
We want to see what you see. Share your photos from the line.

Air Line Pilot encourages you to submit your high-quality prints from a developer or high-resolution digital images. Your photos could be featured in a future magazine!

Send your photos to Thanks.

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On October 23, 1929, Universal Aviation Corporation initiated its first transcontinental service between New York and Los Angeles. The operation included an overnight stop in Kansas City, where the passengers transferred to a Western Air Express flight the next day for the final leg of the journey. The trip cost nearly $300 and took approximately 36 hours (including the Kansas City stop) to complete.

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Please note that it is not sufficient just to notify your LEC or MEC of these changes—you should register them with the ALPA Membership Department in Herndon.

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